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Regional branches

NZSTI has three regional branches: Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury. Each branch organises regular networking and professional development events for its members, in addition to taking turns to host the annual conference.

Auckland branch
President: Agustina Marianacci
Vice president: Diana Renker
Secretary: Hannah Berdekin 
Treasurer: Ruth Tizon de Qureshi
Committee members: Michèle Ryan, Alejandra Gonzalez Campanella, Jessica Sui, Regan Ujara, Andrea King
Wellington branch
President: Maria Marull
Vice president: Erwin La Cruz
Secretary: Erwin La Cruz
Treasurer: Sanying Huang
Committee members: Dora Tsao
Canterbury branch
President: Wei Tang
Vice president: Maria Choukri
Secretary: Anna Gruczynska
Treasurer: Manna Yu
Committee members: Belén Jarabo-Aguado, Isabelle Wagmi, Wladimir Padilla Silva



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