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Re-applying for Membership

Welcome back!

If you have previously applied for NZSTI membership, or your NZSTI membership has lapsed and you want to rejoin NZSTI, you need to complete this membership re-application form and provide the relevant supporting documents (qualifications, transcripts, etc.) for your application. Do not submit your application directly through our website as that is only for first-time applicants.

NZSTI's privacy policy is available here.

You must currently live in New Zealand, be a New Zealand citizen or provide proof of significant ties to New Zealand in order to be eligible for NZSTI membership (such as proof you lived in NZ for 5 or more years and continue to have strong personal ties to the country).

Full and Affiliate membership of NZSTI is specifically granted for translation and/or interpreting, depending on each member's qualifications. On the application form, you will be asked to specify your native language (with a brief explanation) and your translation and/or interpreting language pairs. Membership for interpreting language pairs is awarded in both directions (e.g. Mandarin to/from English). Membership for translation is normally awarded in one direction, being into your native language (e.g. German to English and French to English). Your qualifications must support your requested language pairs for membership.

As part of your application, you will be asked to provide your qualifications and other supporting documents. You can do this by emailing or posting certified copies of your qualifications in translating and/or interpreting, or by sharing your eQuals or similar online credentials with NZSTI ( Please ensure your documents meet the following criteria:

  • State your translation and/or interpreting qualifications
  • Include academic transcripts showing courses and grades obtained
  • State the language(s) you were examined in
  • If your qualification documents are not in English, please provide certified translations

If you are applying for Student membership, you must provide your paid fees invoice for the current semester at a NZ tertiary institution.

No supporting documentation is required for Observer membership applications.

Each application is assessed individually by the NZSTI Membership Committee and, if accepted, you will be offered the highest membership level for which you qualify. In all but rare cases, NZSTI membership is awarded based on qualifications in translation and/or interpreting only.

For information on the eligibility criteria for our different membership categories, see the Eligibility page.

Note that incomplete applications will not be assessed and will lapse after two months. For a complete application, you must complete the online application form and send us the required documents (qualifications, transcripts, logbook, etc.) as soon as possible, along with any other documents we request.

The NZSTI Membership Committee will review your application in line with our membership eligibility criteria and the National Council will issue its decision. If your membership is approved, you will be invoiced the joining fee and prorated membership fee for the current year.

You can then access all the benefits of NZSTI membership available current members.

If you have any questions about the process, please contact us by emailing



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