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Peer Support Groups for NZSTI Interpreters


NZSTI is setting up peer support groups for interpreters working in the judicial and health systems or with refugees. The purpose of forming these groups is to provide interpreters with opportunities to give and receive collegial support and advice in matters related to interpreting. This system is being developed under the guidance of Dr Di Nash, an experienced facilitator and peer support trainer for medical professionals.

Peer support groups meet  on a regular basis and allow practitioners to share their experiences. This can help interpreters recognise that they are not alone in having challenging interactions with clients and/or professionals. The mutual support provided through these groups helps expand practitioners’ capacity and repertoire for handling difficult situations and hence offers tremendous value to professionals. Both full members and affiliates of NZSTI are welcome to join the peer support groups, with one member of each group appointed as the coordinator.

Click here to download a full description of the peer support group system. To see if you may benefit from joining a peer support group, download our self-assessment questionnaire here.

If you wish to register your interest in joining a support group, please complete the online form here and we'll be in touch.


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