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Where can I order my NZSTI membership card?

Under member resources in the My NZSTI area.


What sort of experience would be considered in support of my application?

In all but rare instances, membership is awarded based on qualifications in translation and/or interpreting only. A few years' experience with no specific qualifications is not sufficient.

Certain types of experience may be taken into account at the discretion of the membership committee and NZSTI council*:

  • Published translations of a high calibre such as books or scientific journals, where you are named as the translator
  • Very detailed reference/s from reliable agencies, but only if they check their translators' work
  • Proof of regular, repeated assignments from the same private client/s over a number of years
  • Note that such proof should be from independent sources (other people) not your own CV
  • Documentation should include details of the volume and complexity of assignments fulfilled
  • You may include a detailed list or spreadsheet of your work history but the evidence must be verifiable, e.g. backed up by detailed references and contact details of clients/agencies

If your documentary evidence does not comply with the above guidelines you are unlikely to qualify for Member or Affiliate status.

* Please note, the above guidelines do not mean that NZSTI doubts an applicant's ability to speak/read/write high-quality language; simply that objective evidence is required to support all claimed experience.


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