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NAATI CPI test example feedback

12 Sep 2022

Hani Guirgis, an NZSTI member based in Christchurch, recently sat and passed the NAATI CPI test. He shared his experience and tips with Auckland branch members after the branch AGM on 29 August 2022.

His lively and helpful presentation gave rise to questions about the mistakes he made in the test and NAATI has agreed that Hani may share some of the markers’ feedback with our members. 

Below are the markers’ comments about his interpreting. Hani hopes that sharing those mistakes will help and encourage other members who are planning to sit the NAATI test.

Meaning transfer issues
The candidate consistently transferred the propositional content adequately. Although some important omissions occurred … the overall meaning was not impacted.
The candidate consistently transferred the propositional content adequately and demonstrated the ability to convey the overall message accurately. However, the candidate has very minor omissions.

Language proficiency
The candidate consistently used spoken language competently and idiomatically, demonstrated by accomplished use of pragmatics, lexicon, grammar, syntax, style and register.
The candidate made few minor errors which did not impact on understanding, such as: -"If salt is not enough for me, if affects my appetite"
The candidate demonstrated competence in the English language, however there were some unidiomatic expressions with some grammar and syntax errors including, but not limited to, “Age related pension, the use of pension for retirement and trying to rentals instead of tenants”. Another example is “I believe that the pension is not enough that just a source of income based on the pension should be sufficient to cover life expenses”.

Interactional management
The candidate demonstrated excellent competence in managing interaction. The candidate successfully clarified the word “means test” and asked for an explanation of what it meant.

Rhetorical skills
The candidate delivered the interpretation with adequate volume and enunciation; however, the pronunciation was not completely clear, for example the pronunciation of the word “hoodies” was not clear and the word “law” sounded like “loure”.


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