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How translators can remain successful in an MT-driven world

How translators can remain successful in an MT-driven world

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The translation industry is changing. Small companies are being bought up, the major players are becoming bigger, and machine translation and AI are getting better every day. How does this affect the future for freelance translators and how can we remain competitive and successful?

This presentation by well-known translator Tess Whitty discusses shifts in the translation industry and gives translators strategies to remain successful and competitive into the mid-2020s and beyond. These strategies, based on market research and insights from the industry, include working with niche specialisations, focusing on areas where high-quality human translation is imperative, adding value to our translation services and leveraging machine translation in our own work.

Tess Whitty is a certified English into Swedish translator, specialising in digital marketing and localisation for SaaS companies, consumer products and e-commerce. With a degree in international marketing and a background as a marketing manager, she also shares her marketing knowledge and translator experience with other freelance translators as a speaker, trainer, consultant, author and podcaster. She is involved in several translator associations as a language chair, social media manager, trainer and mentor. In 2020 and 2021, she was ranked among the top 50 world’s industry localisation influencers by Nimdzi.

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12:30PM - 01:45PM, Thu, 10 Mar 2022
Registrations Close: 09 March 2022
Class Limit: 100
Presenter: Tess Whitty
Online: The zoom link will be emailed to registered participants on the morning of 10 March.
Registration Closed


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