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Dear NZSTI members,

Translation Commons is a non-profit volunteer community providing free resources to linguists for their professional enrichment. Our vision is that no language and no linguist should be left behind. As technology is overtaking our everyday lives,  Translation Commons offers freelancers the opportunity to learn new tools and to find free available resources to help them stay current.

Membership is free, we do not keep any data and do not profit in any way. Our community consists of volunteers from every sector of the Language Services Industry working together to offer free deliverables. For example, 100 freelance translators worked to create a 68 pageMentoring Guidelines playbook to help everyone collaborate efficiently. There are many such groups and ongoing projects. Our Translate page has over 30 free tools, some open source and some expensive commercial applications that allow our members free trials. Check out XTM, Memsource, and many more coming soon.

We think that your members would be excited to join, as they will gain access to all these resources. We also ask them to kindly contribute: the best part about TC is that it relies on the work of volunteers! Everyone can volunteer, and since the project is still growing, it needs all the help it can get. Your members can be pioneers of this new community, and also use all the shared free tools! 

Hopefully we caught your interest. Check out the TC website, please pass on to your members and do not hesitate to get in touch for any questions.

Let’s shape the future of our industry together!

Kind regards,

Barbara Pozzi

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