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FIT is now represented in several arenas on social media:



FIT has its own page now on LinkedIn. Follow us at:


FIT’s official Facebook page - containing information about FIT, FIT’s member organisations and other language-related issues.


This page currently has more than 6200 likes (6000 followers).

XXI FIT World Congress 2017, Brisbane, Australia - providing a variety of information about the FIT World Congress in Brisbane, as well as individual items on disruption and diversification.


This page currently has 176 likes.

XXI FIT World Congress - Disruption and Diversification - A Facebook page promoting the actual event.


Go to this page to share the event with your Facebook friends.

FIT Europe - promoting the interests of translators and interpreters in Europe.


This page currently has 603 likes.

FIT LatAm - Spanish-language Facebook page promoting El Centro Regional América Latina (FIT LatAm).


This page currently has 183 likes.

IMPORTANT: If you have a Facebook account and you wish to help improve the visibility of FIT - and who among you would not want to do that? - please visit these sites and "like" each of them. As you can see from the above, FIT’s official Facebook page currently has more than 6000 likes, which at first glance may seem impressive. Since our organisation represents almost 100,000 translators, interpreters and terminologists throughout the world, however, I believe this figure should be much higher. After you have "liked" the various sites, you should be notified regularly when these pages are updated. The whole idea behind social networking sites is that popular postings on social media "go viral", i.e. they are spread quickly and widely among users by those who «like" and "share" them, it is imperative that you «like" and "share" as many postings as possible Only in this way can we build up a loyal group of followers. It is my hope and belief that we can easily double or even triple the number of people following us on each of our accounts in almost no time.


FIT’s official Twitter Feed - cross-posts of items published on FIT’s Facebook page as well as retweets of other interesting tweets.



Tweets: 1895

Following: 229

Followers: 3073

Likes: 510

FIT President - The official Twitter feed of the FIT President, where Henry Liu highlights, tweets and retweets on issues relating to translation, interpreting, terminology and multilingualism.



Tweets: 38660

Following: 325

Followers: 1909

Likes: 10400

FIT Congress 2017 - Official Twitter account of XXI World Congress of the International Federation of Translators, 3-5 August 2017, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre



Tweets: 974

Following: 378

Followers: 329

Likes: 659

FIT_Europe_President - Official Twitter account of the President of FIT Europe.



Tweets: 31179

Following: 657

Followers: 1252

Likes: 293

FIT LatAM - Official Twitter Account of the Regional Centre Latin America of the International Federation of Translators.



Tweets: 102

Following: 146

Followers: 124

Likes: 112

FIT_Babel - The Official Twitter Feed of Babel, the International Academic Journal published by FIT.



Tweets: 101

Following: 50

Followers: 114

IMPORTANT: The same principle applies to FIT's various Twitter accounts. If you have a Twitter account, please make a conscious effort to follow all of FIT's Twitter accounts. Also, please "reply", "retweet" or "like" as many tweets posted from these accounts as possible.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you know of other channels on social media where FIT is represented. My e-mail address is:


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