The Council

The NZSTI national council is responsible for mapping out the ongoing direction of the society, as well as overseeing the day to day running of the society, lobbying and/or advising government organisations, publishing the journal, representing members' interests in disputes, and representing New Zealand in the broader international arena as a member of FIT, the International Federation of Translators.

The current national council includes members from Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Waikato and Palmerston North, and meets approximately every six weeks. Each NZSTI Council member belongs to two or more sub-committees.

The NZSTI National Council:

President: Quintin Ridgeway (Wellington)
Vice President: Karoline Spiessl (Waikato)
Secretary: Guthrun Love (Wellington)
Treasurer: Isabelle Poff-Pencole (Palmerston North)
Auckland Members: Will McNab, Diana Renker, Kathryn Malan,
Kylie Ke
Wellington Members: Jayne Fox, Brigette Holland, Cecilia Titulaer
Te Tumatakuru O'Connell, Dr Olga Suvorova
Christchurch Members: Hyden Toonen, Peter Tuffley
Other Members: Henry Liu (Palmerston North)
Ex-Officio Members: 
Wellington Branch President
Auckland Branch President
Canterbury Branch President
SLIANZ Representative

Cecilia Titulaer
Jaspreet Singh
Hyden Toonen

Scheduled NZSTI Council meetings for 2019/20:

2019: 19 August, 30 September, 11 November, 9 December
2020: 3 February, 16 March, 4 May 

Sub-committees 2019/20:

Each NZSTI Council member belongs to two or more sub-committees covering the following areas of business:


Karoline Spiessl, Kathryn Malan, Isabelle Poff-Pencole, Guthrun Love 
  Professional Recognition Quintin Ridgeway, Cecilia Titulaer, Guthrun Love, Karoline Spiessl, Diana Renker, Henry Liu, Olga Suvorova, Hyden Toonen, Isabelle Poff-Pencole
  Administration / IT Quintin Ridgeway, Isabelle Poff-Pencole, Will McNab
     Professional Development / Member Services Guthrun Love, Kathryn Malan, Olga Suvorova, Will McNab
  Komiti Māori Te Tumatakuru O'Connell, Henry Liu, Quintin Ridgeway
  International Liaison Quintin Ridgeway, Karoline Spiessl, Guthrun Love, Isabelle Poff-Pencole, Olga Suvorova
  Strategy 2025 Quintin Ridgeway, Karoline Spiessl, Jaspreet Singh
  NZSTI Image Isabelle Poff-Pencole, Jayne Fox

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