Four FIT notices

1. Dear friends and colleagues,,

We are happy to announce that the first 2017 issue of the FIT Newsletter Translatio is ready for download. Here are the links to the English version and the French version.

Among all the interesting and important articles, two have highest priority: the official invitation for the Statutory Congress in Brisbane, and the Call for the 2017 ITD theme.

In past calls, you have been very responsive, and most of the themes you proposed were chosen. Now it is time for a new call. Please send us your proposal by mid February. Your participation will be highly appreciated.

Another real good piece of news is that now you can read Translatio not only on Android devices (reader to be downloaded here) or the FIT website but also on Apple devices: Look for Translatio in the Apple store.

With best wishes for a happy and successful New Year,

Your Translatio

2. Dear FIT Members/ Chers membres de la FIT,

As you know, the FIT Research Task Force was entrusted by the FIT Council with preparing position papers. The finalised paper on internships is available here and will also be made available on the FIT website.

We received considerable feedback on the drafts previously distributed and took it into account as far as possible. As the views of FIT members seem to range from outright rejection to more or less full acceptance of the subject considered, we had to strike a suitable balance. The main goal is to stand up for the interests of individual translators in a realistic and forward-looking manner.


The FIT Research Task Force has drafted a position paper on the future for professional translators and invites you to provide concrete feedback on the draft available here.

Please let us have any feedback in English or French by email ( ) no later than 2 October 2016. The feedback will then be examined by the Research Task Force and a finalised version of the paper in both English and French made available by email and on the FIT website.

Thank you.

For the FIT Research Task Force

Reiner Heard, Chair

3. Dear FIT member associations

As you probably read in the 4th quarter 2015 issue of  Translatio, FIT is participating in the QT21 project. A blog is now available on the FIT website for members of the FIT community to post questions and comments about this project. I draw your attention to the recently posted news item regarding QT21 on the FIT homepage. You can also go directly to the QT21 news item page by visiting in your browser. Please inform your members that this blog now exists.

Comme vous l'avez sans doute lu dans le Translatio du 4e trimestre 2015, la FIT participe au projet QT21. Elle met désormais à la disposition des membres des associations adhérentes à la FIT un blog accessible depuis son site web, afin qu'ils puissent poser des questions ou faire des commentaires sur ce projet. J'attire votre attention sur l'article concernant QT21 mis en ligne récemment sur la page d'accueil du site de la FIT. Vous pouvez aussi aller directement à la page de cet article à l'adresse Veuillez informer les membres de votre association de l'existence de ce blog.

Eleanor Cornelius

Membre du conseil | Council member (Liaison between FIT and DFKI)

Fédération Internationale des Traducteurs | International Federation of Translators

4. Dear colleagues,

The SFT is conducting a new survey on interpreter business practices and rates. It is only available in French and only accounts for the Euro currency. Among other caveats, we did not take into account specific practices such as those of sign language interpreters. We hope to make up for some of these shortcomings in a future survey.

In order for the survey to produce meaningful results, we'd like as many professionals as possible to take part and therefore ask that you please distribute the link widely to all interpreters who read French.

Best regards,

Björn Bratteby

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